Travel Review: Cape Town, South Africa

If you haven't seen form recent posts, I recently travelled with my family to South Africa. How was it?! Unreal. And now I want to share it with you! Read up on my favorite Cape Town activities, restaurants and areas to either take your next trip or get you inspired to plan one! 

The Link Between Travel and Health

Travel and health... how are they even related? Well, in my opinion they are not only two huge aspects of my life, but work with each other to bring about a broader sense of health. Travel has widened my perspective of what it means to be healthy and happy in our body and mind. 

When Fatigue Isn't Caused By Lack of Sleep

Listen up chronically-fatigued, caffeine-dependent, energy-depleted, stressed out 21st century people -- this may be the cause of all your problems! Adrenal fatigue is something everyone should consider when addressing issues of fatigue -- here's my story and tips! 

Hygge: The Art of Coziness

Hygge -- the buzzword of 2017. A time when we're all prioritizing resting over racing, what better time to add some hygge to our lives -- the Danish art of making simply routine things/experiences/tasks into special moments full of coziness, happiness and meaning.