I'm Amylou -- just another girl in the blogging world with a spark for all the things health, wellness, fitness, and food (obviously...) related. My goal here is to engage with and inspire others to ultimately cultivate a balanced and healthful life that serves us as individuals with different goals, needs, and lives. By eliminating comparison,  and doubt, we can all truly be better than the person we were yesterday -- the ultimate goal I live by daily. 

My interest in health and fitness began early in high school, and has only expanded since into a passion for general wellness and happiness. That being said, my knowledge has immensely grown and my opinions on healthy living has evolved. Growing from simply eating better and exercising more to developing a passion for purposeful and mindful daily habits, the desire to create a meaningful lifestyle bubbled within me. I dedicate this blog to sharing my experience with, opinions and research on topics such as healing food, yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, healthy balanced meals, travel and anything health/healing/happiness related that I come across. I hope to learn loads while taking everyday as a fresh start to create the best life possible, enjoying the process each day.  

So I began The No Grainer as a creative outlet to express my passions. Outside of blogging, I am an American university student in Scotland who loves to travel, eat, and learn. Those three aspects have cultivated happiness within my life, and my goal is to share that so you may discover the same! Current 2nd year student at The University of St Andrews pursuing a degree in International Relations & Management. I'm also totally enamored by the sea and cities -- name any coastal city and I'm there! Basically, I am a true New Englander at heart with goals and dreams to explore as much of the world as possible while keeping up a growing healthy-lifestyle blog!

Also loves sweet potatoes, turmeric, coconut, fancy cocktails and always the sea.

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Member/Writer at Spoon University St Andrews