All About Chakras

Let's chat about chakras today! Chakras are the energy wheels in our sub body that dictate how in sync our physical and emotional bodies are. They can be unbalanced which will appear in our mood, physical body and mentality. How do we balance and bring our body in sync?

Supercharged Collagen Chocolate {sugar free, dairy free, gut-healing, keto, paleo, low carb}

Chocolaaaaate. I love you. But not all the sugars and soy products that we find in conventional chocolate. And not the $7 bar that checks off all my boxes except for price. I wanted one that didn't have any of the junk, was easy and cheap to make, and included all my favorite superfoods. I made it and am so happy to share it with you! It features one of my favorite products: Further Food collagen for extra gut healing superpowers. 

The Last Minute Spring Detox

Thinking about doing a spring detox? Heading to Whole Foods to drop $150 on juice? Stop! I've got a better way. Let's delve in to the science of a detox and what we can do to amplify the detox process our body (livers!) conducts daily. Real food involved! 

Travel Review: Cape Town, South Africa

If you haven't seen form recent posts, I recently travelled with my family to South Africa. How was it?! Unreal. And now I want to share it with you! Read up on my favorite Cape Town activities, restaurants and areas to either take your next trip or get you inspired to plan one! 

The Link Between Travel and Health

Travel and health... how are they even related? Well, in my opinion they are not only two huge aspects of my life, but work with each other to bring about a broader sense of health. Travel has widened my perspective of what it means to be healthy and happy in our body and mind.