Favorite Finds Fridays

Favorite Finds Fridays

Bringing you a roundup of my favorite articles, people, accounts and blogs as of late!


Yes, I spend the first hour of my morning (with coffee) reading through my favorite blogs and websites. There's lots of amazing information out there that I am so excited to share with you! Collaborating with and learning from other bloggers/lifestyle 'gurus' is extremely important in the wellness industry and engaging with people, but only ones you truly love, is the best way to jump into the crowd. My favorite sites ATM include: Mind Body Green, The Chalkboard Magazine , Well + Good for news from wellness experts, new brands and lifestyle startups (LOVE!), and a lot of "how-to's" on ways to sweat, dress, and eat. They're all great starting points for reading up on wellness trends and advice and often lead me to other blogs! Some of my favorite daily blogs include The Balanced Blonde (I think Jordan knows I am obsessed with her by now considering I comment on EVERYTHING because it just resonates so well with my life; she rocks.); The Skinny Confidential (Lauryn brings the skinny on everything branding and entrepreneur related, NEED.); and other awesome Instagram accounts like: GetFitBrooklyn and Rrayyme and many more I'm getting to know and love. So that basically takes up an hour OR MORE of my day but totally inspires me for the day to come. COMMUNITY is everything in a wellness-based lifestyle and learning from others who share your passion is so fulfilling. 

So here are some of my recent favorite articles (Sept-Oct) relating to what I am incorporating into my life at the moment. They totally hit the nail on the head on why we do this wellness thing and how it can transpire into a high vibe and abundant lifestyle.  'Cause thats ultimately what we're doing here...

1. On Stress: The Chalkboard Mag's:  HOW TO DEAL: 11 WAYS TO REDUCE STRESS EVERY DAY 

While I wouldn't say I'm the most stressed person in the world (lucky me, I know!), I am very aware of how stress is plaguing our world. I've seen it first hand, sorry to expose you, Dad! This article offers fun, dare I say "girly" ways to rid your body of excess stress. I LOVE this website, so of course I take everything they said into account when trying to cultivate a stress free life. Check it out! 

2. Recipe: Against All Grain's: Gluten Free Cornbread Recipe  

I'll have to wait until I "reintroduce" almonds into my diet, but when I do I know I'll be dying to try this cornbread. I love cornbread, weirdly, as it reminds me of winter and football games? Not sure why, it just does. Cornbread always completes a warm paleo chili as the seasons change. This dairy-free, CORN-free, gluten-free version looks right up my ally. I can't wait to try it and if you already have or plan to, let me know how you like it! Danielle has the best recipes in the Paleo world! 


 No, I haven't forgotten about my crystals! In fact, I'm learning more and more. This article outlines exactly how to use crystals to detox. I love that idea, since I'm no fan of juice cleanses or ANY restrictive 'cleanse' of that sort. Our body knows how to detox on its own, yet a few crystals could never hurt that process. This article shows how to use black tourmaline and selenite to purify and release toxins within and to keep yourself vibrating at the highest level. I'm down to get some high vibrations after reading this one.  

The ChalkBoard Mag's selection of healing and detoxing crystals. 

The ChalkBoard Mag's selection of healing and detoxing crystals. 

4. On Finding Your Tribe: The Balanced Blonde 

My favorite, fellow pitta (yay, Ayurveda!) blogger The Balanced Blonde shares how to find YOUR ultimate tribe. It may not be who you think, and that's the beauty of it. This article was super eye opening to me, and Jordan shares how to live your life in order to attract your tribe-- those who have the same passions and motivations in life. She's shared how she has friends all around the world from blogging and such! I love her zest for life and the recognition that who you surround yourself with is KEY. 

5. Instagram: GetFitMinny

I'm DIGGING this girl's Instagram feed. Her aesthetic is beautiful, inspirational and minimalistic. No overwhelming posts -- just snippets of nature, food, inspirational quotes, food and fitness... all with a cohesive and calming vibe. Literally, I love. Check Emily's Instagram out; the girl is killing the aesthetic game.  

There we have it for this Friday, y'all. Since this is my first time doing an article "roundup" per say, the selected posts have been accumulated over more than a week. I hope in the future to do a weekly or biweekly post to keep the 'finds' coming from throughout the week! The goal is to have articles/amazing humans leaving you with a little more inspiration for the day. I truly believe in finding a tribe and platform that you resonate with and are always keen to read. Again, that's why I love the health and wellness community these days -- an amazing group of like-minded, honest, inspirational human beings. You all rock!

I'll be back with more next time! 

Xo, Amylou 

P.S. Which article was your favorite? Do you have any specific article topics you'd like me to search for? Let me know!

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