Essential & Quirky Stocking Stuffers for your Wellness Junkie

Hello loves!! It's been so long as the past two weeks have been GRUELING. Constant studying -- yay! But I'm back and ready to put work past me and the blog in front! 

13 days until Christmas! And I haven't bought a single gift. Nice. 

Ah Christmas morning... I remember when I was younger, I would jolt out of my bed, pester my  (hungover) older sisters to get the heck out of bed and run downstairs to open presents. The four of us would assemble on the stairs, bicker here and there, and then delve into our stockings. Slight issue, considering Santa didn't always actually know whose stocking is whose. Typical. And the Christmas Eve libations never really helped Santa out too too much. 

Anyway, we usually ended swapping knick knacks as we wanted and all ended up with just as many fuzzy socks and nail polishes as we desired. It's all good! 

I know, I know, you've seen like a million gift guides all over the internet and magazines this month. While they're so helpful in that we can read, click and buy exactly the perfect present that we need, they can be overwhelming and well, overdone. That being said, here I am just adding another one for you to look at. But, this list has some fun ideas that you may not think of to give your wellness junkies. Some are basic essentials, others are quirky and different. Some are health oriented, some are just trendy and necessary!  

1. Essential Oils + Diffuser: And what do you do with these? SO MUCH. You can either smell the oils directly for different purposes (lavender: relaxing; peppermint: invigorating) or you can diffuse them with an essential oil diffuser. I haven't done this yet, but am dying to as the calming affects sound like just what I need right now. Some companies will even sell essential oil blends with certain purposes like concentration, detox, passion, etc. These look like AMAZING combinations of the best scents as a natural roll on perfume! Essential oils are definitely the thing to be doing these days, and diffusers are the best way to experience aromatherapy. WANT. 

2. BulletProof Coffee Kit: I'll let you in on a little secret with the whole Bullet Proof coffee thing. I cheat. I don't actually use all the Bullet Proof products, but I would LOVE to. I love the concept, so much that I make my own version every single morning. It's just too too good, and so good for the brain, energy and metabolism. Know a coffee connoisseur who would love to take the coffee game up a notch? Give them this, something unexpected and fun for all those coffee-obsessed health freaks, like me. 

3. Natural Makeup: I remember one year in middle school my friends all got fancy makeup (read: CoverGirl!) in their stockings and I was just like, woah. That didn't happen in our household. BUT, I did get a Tide To Go stick that year, so like, I was winning anyway. Nowadays, natural makeup is the next best thing. W3LL PEOPLE sells awesome mini-sized products that are the perfect stocking stuffers, or a mascara from Juice Beauty is also another good option. All clean, all fun. OH, and vibing these from RMS


4. Candles: Okay this one is for sure not that inventive, but nonetheless essential. Every wellness girl is definitely (or ought to be) a self-care girl, and what's better than lighting a bomb candle and having a bath while you're at it? Especially when it's huge, smells unreal, and lasts literally forever. Self-care essentials. My favorites include, but def not limited to, Capri Blue, Illume, Volupsa to name a few, all found at Anthropologie! They come in all sizes, so choose a little one to pop in those stockings! 

5. Dainty Gold Necklaces: Okay, not wellness. And specific, yes. But still, so cute and fun.  I'm a huge fan of gold necklaces and rings, and I'm sure your wellness-instagram-trendy gal is too! Etsy is the perfect place to find unique, handmade jewelry and I love supporting smaller businesses and craftspeople! Other favorites are Madewell for all the brushed gold and of course, Stella & Dot for affordable, trendy jewelry for literally anyone! 

6. Books: Standard, but which ones? Immediately what comes to mind are all the funny, cute,Iinstagram-worthy coffee table books at Urban Outfitters. They actually have tons of books about mindfulness, happiness, wellness, travel, and all things lifestyle! So on brand. Some that I am for sure intrigued by are the Hello Glow Natural Beauty Recipes , The Encyclopedia of Crystals, and 52 Lists for Happiness. They're all not to expensive at all and 20% off right now! Cool. 


Just want basics? Also feeling: Wine Wipes (KEY in my household), literally everything on this Anthropologie stocking guide, Swell Waterbottles, funky hair elastics -- the possibilities are endless! 

If you're stuffing stockings this year, this list is perfect for fulfilling your on-trend, wellness obsessed person's needs and desires. If you're not stuffing stockings, these also make the best gifts for sisters, moms, daughters and friends, liiiiterally anyone. And if you're filling my stocking, well, now you know what to get! 

Happy happy holidayyyyyys! 




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