Well + Good: 2017 Exciting Wellness Trends and My Thoughts!

Well + Good: 2017 Exciting Wellness Trends and My Thoughts!

Happy December! 

Is it just me, or is everyone treating December as if it's January? So much circulating on the blogging wellness world about setting goals for the new year NOW and all that. I love it, we should always be setting goals on how to improve ourselves, but let us maybe enjoy the rest of the holiday season first? i think we should have our sights on 2017 as the future to expand and grow, but enjoy the last month of 2016 to reflect on the year, finding the places and spaces to work on and grow through. Just thoughts! 

ANYWAY, back to news. If you spend the first 30 minutes of your morning surfing the "news" within the wellness world, learning about what the experts are learning and what the other bloggers are up to, you're not alone. That is my morning, and I LOVE absorbing all the positive vibes + news I can in the morning. I mean, how depressing is the NYTimes these days? Not what we need, not what we need. 

So yeah, if you are a wellness junkie like me, you'll def have visited  Well + Good  for your daily update. If you did yesterday, you probably saw this awesome article about 2017's WELLNESS TRENDS! I was so excited to read it because I love keeping up with the trends and if you're wanting to be any type of successful blogger, you have to be ahead of the trends and know exactly where your market and audience are headed. 

Anyway, the trends that Well + Good outlines are on point. Like, everything I love. I'll let you read the article, and highly recommend that you do if you're looking for a little inspiration and ways to change up your lifestyle. BUT, I'll of course give my two cents on each of the trends -- some more than others -- and why I think they're important for our lifestyles! 

1. Inflammation Fighting Foods: I mean, this is a no brainer. Ha! A No Grainer no brainer of course. That is because most grains are inflammatory. Anyway, you def have heard of the turmeric trend, at least you have if you follow my Instagram . Basically, turmeric, among many other foods & spices are hugely anti-inflammatory which is so important given the amount of stress, intensity, medicine circulating our world creating some serious inflammation. It can range from bloating, to acne, to arthritis. Chances are, you've got some inflammation. So get on trend and soak up your anti inflammatories! 

2. Workleisure clothing: Since I don't yet have a corporate job, or any job really, at the moment, this doesn't really apply to me. But I do LOVE athleisure and will for sure trade stiff, corporate clothing for some trendy leggings and a cozy active-wear pullover, because, seriously...

3. Cannabis in Skincare: LOL this is fun. Not sure exactly what it means, but apparently weed decreases inflammation and skin problems. 

4. Wellness Retreats: YES. I love this one and would love to do a wellness retreat in the future. The idea is the best of both worlds -- continuing your healthy routine WHILE soaking up some vacation relaxation. Jordan (The Balanced Blonde) & Rachel (RachLMansfield) alluded to doing one together  in TBB's latest Podcast episode and I was like YES. I'm so down. 

5. New 'that time of the month' gear: Unclear about this one... We'll just have to wait and see. 

6. More Plant Based Protein: While I'm definitely not plant based, I do think the best sources of protein powders, if you're going to use them, are either plant based (hemp seems to sound the best to me) or collagen based. Enough of that whey-crap. 


7. CRYSTALS go mainstream: Ugh, I kinda liked being 'weird' with my crystal obsession. Oh well, I guess I'll have to share their magical powers with everyone else. BUT, besides crystals, more 'woo-woo' things will becoming more trendy like cupping, reiki and other TCM treatments which I love. Ancient medicine really is where it's at, and where it's going. Learn more about my crystal experience here

8. Collagen: You know I have a thing for collagen. It's crucial for healthy skin, hair, and nails and the gut. I add a serving of Vital Proteins into my coffee every morning. You don't taste it and it is so so beneficial for your health. Do it. I would LOVE to do something with Collagen in the future, as I love the product as it is and think it can benefit everyone in so many ways. ;)

9. Nesting at home as the new going out: YES. I love nothing more than cozying up at home with friends and just being. You know? Yes, you have to go out and socialize with new people sometimes, but it's also so nice just to be at home and be restorative. We need that when we're surrounded by people on the reg! Anyone wanna come over and nest with me? ;)

10. Franchised Fitness: I love it. I think well-trusted, popular brands are booming at the perfect time. When people are starting to like fitness and build a tribe (not cult!) at their favorite place. Where would I be without CorePower, and where would half of the population I follow on Instagram be without SoulCycle. They're booming more than ever. 

11. Health Tonics: Dig. Let's get even weirder (and healthier!) with drinks. Can't wait to get back to the US to try Rebbl Tonics

12. "No Makeup Look": Yesssss. Can we please say good bye to the excessive eyeshadow/eyeliner whatever it is and permanent-marker eyebrows please? Sorry, that was judgmental. But really, all that makeup hides everyone's natural beauty, which is, in fact, beautiful. I think makeup should enhance someone's looks, not cover them up! Be YOU. Brands like RMS, W3LL PEOPLE, Juice Beauty, and others are killing this trend and it's only going to grow. 

13. Sober Social Scene: This one could have a harder time gaining traction, but it already sort of has in places like NYC and definitely in LA. I think it's cool. If we're going to be our healthiest selves, eliminating sugar and other not-so-good foods, shouldn't we be cutting back on the alcohol, too? More than just a diet thing, I think it's cool to see how different we are in social situations without that lubricant. We'll see...

14. Cleaner makeup & skincare: Along with less makeup, I think this is crucial to exposing people's natural beauty. Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. If we wouldn't dare put a piece of gluten-full bread in our bodies, why would we put the skincare equivalent on our skin? 

 my fave clean skin products!

my fave clean skin products!

15. More restorative exercise: This one is LEGIT. I honestly love to workout, it makes me feel empowered and happy. But I think it's super easy these days to overdo it. Yeah, running 7 miles every single day of the week is over doing it, at least in my opinion. You gotta let your body rest to rebuild itself. That and you're accumulating tons of inflammation and cortisol in your body from putting that much cardiovascular and physical stress on it. So take a day to do a lot of foam rolling and slow down your yoga flow. Check in with how your body really feels and go from there instead of relying on what you think you should be doing. It will thank you! 

So there we have it. A glimpse into what your wellness world will look like in 2017. I'm super excited to not only explore all these trends, and more, but to take The No Grainer to the next level in 2017. I can tell it's going to be an awesome year for us, so let's keep up the positivity, authenticity, and happiness. We're never giving up on, just evolving through, that ultimate, healthy & happy lifestyle! 

Any more trends I foresee? Well, I'm feeling expansion on things like magnesium, essential oils, leaky gut research, adaptogens & other herbs, and mind-body connection amongst other things! What to you think will be trendy?

Hopefully you have a December filled with cheer, loved ones and happiness! 

Stay tuned for more Festive posts to celebrate! 

Xo, Amylou

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