How to make drinking water consistently a habit (& how to take it up a notch!)

How to make drinking water consistently a habit (& how to take it up a notch!)

As I sit here on my laptop, under the sun, post hot-yoga sesh, ~s'well~ bottle in hand, I can't help but think about water & hydration. It's something we hear again and again, and for good measure I'll say it again: water is important. Very important. Especially in the hot summer months where we're losing more water without even realizing it! 

But instead of listing tons of benefits of water -- I mean the one benefit you need to know is LIFE -- I want to talk about how we can make drinking more water a habit! There are so many ways to get your h2o on -- buy a cute water bottle, set reminders on our phones or flavor it with lemons or fruit. We usually try to implement these habits in hopes of getting on the water guzzling train, often to end up breaking our promise to ourselves to drink more water. 

But what if I told you that you can make your 8 cups a day (false, btw) even healthier?! What's healthier than water? Side note: lots of things with nutrients, of course. BUT, while being so pure and beneficial to all of the body's systems, we can make the water we drink even more beneficial for us. Then maybe we can keep it a habit?

Let's talk:

Water Filters: 

go pure pod

A lot of tap water has compounds and chemicals in it that we don't necessarily want to ingest as much as we do. Fluoride, chlorine, nitrites, nitrates, heavy metals, etc. Not good. But do we really have to buy those big, bulky, expensive, not-time-efficient water filters? I sure don't want to. That's why I've been using a GO Pure Pod in my water bottle for a couple months now! It's the definition of easy -- you literally put the tiny filter in your water bottle and just keep it in there as you refill your bottle. THEN, it filters your water for you!! It get rids of at least 97% off the inorganic compounds and metals you don't want in your water. How amazing is that?! While I don't see any concrete differences since filtering my water, I know that the water I'm drinking (and I try to drink a lot!) is as filtered and chemical free as possible! LOVE that! The little pods are so perfect for travel -- you never know the type of water you're going to get while globe-trotting.

Water Enhancers:

vital proteins beauty water

Not really sure what else to call these, but I've tried Vital Proteins Beauty Water packets to make my water even healthier -- and keep that habit going! These easy to-go packets make everyday water into tasty spa water with all the yummy flavors they have. It's like your daily collagen but with a boost! It enhances skin hydration and collagen production to keep everything firm. I think adding this to your water is a perfff way to up the health factor of your plain old water! It does taste a littttleee bit like jello, but none the less it's a great way to get in your collagen! 

You can also enhance your water with the basics like lemon, lime, cucumber, raspberries, ginger, mint, basil, you name it! Put together a blend that you love and know that if that's what makes you drink more water -- then that's awesome! 

So those are just a few ways you can make that boring glass of water that much better for you. Filtered water with a little flair sounds a lot better than plain tap water, right? 



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